Romeo and Juliet

There are many touristic places in Verona, as it’s a very beautiful and ancient city with amazing history. For example:

  • Arena di Verona – an ancient Roman monument, one of the three oldest arenas in Europe. It’s smaller than Colosseum in Rome but still amazingly beautiful.
  • Castelvecchio museum – it’s an medieval castle, which stands by the river. Inside visitors can find very interesting expositions of antique weapons, jewelry and clothes.
  • Juliet’s tomb – of course, in Verona there are lots of sights dedicated to a famous couple of Shakespeare. The place where Juliet was buried, according to a legend, is one of them.
  • Romeo’s house – according to a legend, here’s where Romeo lived. Thousands of tourists come here every day dying to see the place where the greatest lover in the history of literature lived.
  • Juliet’s house with a famous balcony – if you want, you can visit a balcony where Juliet talked to her beloved Romeo and take some amazing pictures. There is also a statue of this girl in the court. If you rub her, you’ll find your true love.

This tragic and romantic story of two teenagers who fell in love with each other but were torn apart by their families is known all over the world. It still inspires creative people to dedicate their creations to them. It’s hard to say even approximately how many theater performances, paintings, ballets, songs and poems have Romeo and Juliet’s love story as their source.

My favorite Romeo and Juliet painting is the one by Leonid Afremov here . He’s a contemporary Belarusian artist who currently lives in Mexico. He is considered to be one of the most original authors of our times thanks to his unusual technique. He definitely has a lot in common with impressionists – bright colors, wide strokes, a sensation of movement and light in his works.

This love painting depicts a fragment of a ballets dance based on Shakespeare’s book. In my opinion, ballet dance is perfect to make the audience feel all the beauty of this story thanks to wonderful costumes, classical music and expressive movements.

The strokes on this art piece are made in a way that it creates an illusion of a frozen moment, which is what I really value in visual arts.  The dancers are charmed by the magic of the moment, and it makes this picture one of the best romantic paintings of all times.